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Fire Protection of a property can never rely on just one factor; there will always be a number of measures which when combined will provide the ‘best possible’ protection. 





We suggest that when located in areas of a high bushfire threat, an external sprinkler system that directs water and or Gel over the roof, windows, eaves, doors and underfloor areas is one of the most effective ways of protecting against radiant heat, direct flame and ember attack and should be considered a crucial part of an overall protection plan.

There are three ways in which a house can burn during a bushfire;

  1. radiant heat ahead of the fire front

  2. direct flame contact

  3. burning embers falling on the building (main cause of destruction)    



Sparks and embers enter a home wherever there is a gap, such as under roofing tiles, under the floor, decking, in crevices, window sills, vents and under verandahs. 



Research has shown that Embers (wind-borne burning debris) are by far the most dangerous factor regarding houses in Australia.   Embers explain how bushfires spread within an urban environment and why over 85% of homes are destroyed with a considerable percentage having not experienced the fire front (direct flame) or associated radiant heat.

Bushfire Defence Sprinkler Systems are priced relevant to design and the requirements of installation.   Bushfire Defence can recommend financial institutions able to provide loans ‘subject to approval’.


Bushfire Defence systems add value to your property and provides protection of your assets.

Bushfire Defence design and install two main types of sprinkler systems, each designed to reduce the impact of radiant heat, direct flame and ember attack.


  1. Roof mounted; (internal/external) directs water over the roof, windows, doors and underfloor areas, providing complete protection over an entire building.


  1. Ground based; placed on perimeter of property and strategically aimed to reduce fire intensity by wetting down surrounding vegetation around home, creating a buffer between the fire and home and can be considered an extension and or replacement of the properties garden watering system. 

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