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Barricade II is a revolutionary product, developed to assist fire fighters and property owners to control and extinguish fires, and to protect exposures from burning.


Utilising the latest in technology, Barricade II has been proven under real life situations and will forever change the science of fire fighting and exposure protection. During recent years, the problems encountered during urban interface fires have made headlines around the world. Devastating fires have cost lives and caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes, businesses, and other structures.


The development of Barricade II will now enable our communities to better control these destructive fires and to reduce the tremendousloss of life and property.


Barricade II is a liquid concentrate composed of super absorbent polymers. These super absorbent polymers can absorb hundreds of times their weight in water. It is this
characteristic that gives Barricade II its tremendous ability in fire fighting.


Barricade II is intended to be used in diluted form. When the
Barricade II concentrate is added to water at a rate of 1 to 6%, a unique fire-blocking gel is produced. The Barricade II gel, when applied to a combustible structure or material, provides an insulating zone between the heat of the fire and the protected surface, even at temperatures of 2000° Celsius!

The thermal protective ability of Barricade II is far superior
to anything previously available to suppress fires and to protect exposures.

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