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The Adelaide bushfires of new year 2015 were a wake up call. We had to decide whether to evacuate, considering how prepared we were to defend our property. In the end we stayed, and the fire only came to within a few kilometres, but did we make the right decision?


Afterwards we researched options to improve our preparation. Bushfire Defence had installed a system on a nearby house, which demonstrated the quality of their workmanship. During the installation of our system, I cannot praise Bushfire Defence too highly. They have a strong commitment to quality, and were efficient and professional at all times. The system is effective, unobtrusive and easy to operate. It will offer us far better options for the next bushfire season.


Colin Coleman

One Tree Hill

South Australia





"I consider my new fire system the smartest investment ive ever made.  I now have peace of mind that my house is defendable in the event of a bushfire in our area." 


(Humbug Scrub, 2013)





"We are so very happy with the new system that we had installed for this upcomming fire season. 


Everything was explained step by step throughout the planning process and great workmanship and attention to detail was shown during installation. 


We highly recommend anyone looking at bushfire protection to call Bushfire Defence."


(Belair, 2012)

"There already was a pre-existing system on our house when we purchased it over 5 years ago but after 2 years we could never get it to work right. 


We called Bushfire Defence and the next day Matt visted our place, fixed our problem and explained to my wife and I how to best to operate our fire system."


(Hawthorndene, 2012)

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