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Developed and successfully tested in Wildfire conditions, new BlazeTamer380™ ‘A’ Class liquid concentrate uses up to 60% less water to extinguish fires. A revolutionary fire fighting weapon BlazeTamer380™ guarantees safe handling for fire fighters and is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation.


BlazeTamer380™ is not a Gel or a Foam and it is totally non-corrosive. (Includes Intergranular testing for the aviation industry.) 


When the mixture is exposed to heat, the BlazeTamer380™ solution undergoes an endothermic reaction that produces a rapid cooling effect.  As a result of this reaction, an extensive network of the macromolecules can be seen interconnected to form an irregular branched structure. The density of the structure reduces the evaporation rate of the modified H2O molecules. This network blankets the fire preventing oxygen from fuelling the combustion reaction. Without the presence of oxygen, the fire is extinguished.

Thermo-Gel is a gel concentrate which when added to water, transforms it into a fire preventing & heat absorbing Class A fire retardant gel.  The gel particles, which are filled with water, adhere directly to the burning material and in doing so aid in the quick extinguishment of fire. 


Thermo-Gel adheres to all types of surfaces creating a superior barrier that effectively provides protection for hours.  Is environmentally compatible and can be used on all types of vegetation.  After the fire front has passed, Thermo-Gel is simply rinsed off with plain water with normal tap pressure or will naturally degrade with exposure to sunlight.

Thermo-Gel is non toxic, environmentally friendly and has been passed by the South Australian Department of Water to be dropped into water catchments.

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