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ThermoGel Homekit

ThermoGel Homekit

$725.00 Regular Price
$652.50Sale Price
Thermo-Gel home kits are fast & effective, and contain all you need to protect your property. Each kit containers four 3.8lt bottles, and an applicator that connects to any standard garden hose fitting. Each kit provides approx 400sqm of coverage. Extra bottles can be purchased if you require a little extra protection. Thermo-Gel has a shelf life in excess of 7 years, & only needs agitation several times a year & before use. 

The applicator automatically produces a gel/water mix of 2%, which in turn produces an ember, radiant heat and flame barrier. Thermo-Gel can be applied in just minutes using a standard garden hose, to any surface including vertical and overhanging, and any material including glass, metal, timber and vegetation.

Thermo-gel is effective up to 7 hours after application, and can be removed simply with water. You can also ‘rehydrate’ the gel coating by ‘misting’ water over it, to rehydrate the gel layer back to approx 80% of its initial performance.

Thermo-Gel has been used extensively in the US and Canada, and is approved by the US Forest Service and other key North American Government Fire Agencies. In Australia, the South Australian Country Fire Service & NSW Rural Fire Service currently use Thermo-Gel for aerial fire suppression. Commerical organizations such as plantation companies also use Thermo-Gel as a high performance, non toxic, cost effective & operationally efficient solution to wildfire.

The use of Thermo-Gel has proven to be extremely water efficient, and does not require special training or equipment. All you need is a standard hose and basic pressure.

Remember that during a fire event mains water and power may fail. Backup petrol or diesel water pumps, hoses and tanks are strongly advised even in urban areas not only for the application of gel, but to provide effective protection for ember attack pre & post fire front.
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